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Discounts and Financing Programs

Heroes Program

At Island Breeze HVAC, we believe giving back to those who have served us in the past as well as those who serve us now.

We have a discount program called the Heroes Program. We offer an additional above and beyond discount for our military veterans, police officers, school teachers, firemen, and paramedics.

These people are the true hereos and we at Island Breeze HVAC are proud to serve them!

This discount applies to replacements. It cannot be combined with the Seasoned Citizen Discount.

Seasoned Citizen Program

Our seasoned citizens are often the hardest hit when it comes to unexpected HVAC repairs and replacements. We offer a discount to our 65+ year young clients.

This discount applies to replacements and cannot be combined with the Heroes Program.

Cash is King Program

We at Island Breeze offer a "Cash is King" discount as well. If you pay us with cash or check, we will give you a discount, it is that simple. This discount applies to replacements and may be combined with the Heroes Program and the Seasoned Citizen Program.


At Island Breeze HVAC, we know that financing is an option for many homeowners. We offer 100% financing for any repair or replacement over $1,000. We offer many different programs with an easy approval process. Upon approval, we can get your monthly payment as low as $60 a month for a full HVAC replacement. Low monthly payments, no pre-payment penalties, a fast application process and free online bill pay are some of the many reasons to take advantage of our financing programs. If you don't have perfect credit, don't worry! Our customers get approved often even when traditional financing institutions deny them.